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Come discover Jade Vineyards’ wines at our new cellar in Saint-Hippolyte. Château Fleur de Lisse is perfectly located a few miles from the village of Saint-Emilion, at the heart of a Unesco-listed world heritage landscape. We have created an authentic yet modern environment here where we practice organic and biodynamic grape growing. We have three options to suit all visitors: a relaxed tasting, a vineyard and cellar visit and finally a real exploration. Bonus: all our tours are family friendly. You choose! 

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Joy of giving, joy of receiving. A carefully chosen gift is always unique! In just a few clicks, learn to bring joy. Offer one of our unique experiences at Château Fleur de Lisse Winery. A tasting workshop, a cooking class, a wine and chocolate workshop, or a family visit—every occasion is perfect for bringing joy and sharing a moment around wine. Gift vouchers can be paid online and are valid for one year. Simply print them to personalize. Contact us for any advice."


Tasting of 3 wines, including Saint-Emilion Grand Cru. Food and Wine pairing: a selection of mature cheeses are served with this tasting.

Duration : 1h15

Price :  from 18 € per person






This is perfect for wine enthusiasts who are looking for a behind the scenes tour. Learn about our philosophy, methods and the wine ecosystem that we hold dear… Step into the winemaker’s shoes, in the company of our Fleur de Lisse ambassador, as you discover the terroir. You will examine both the vine and the soil. In the winery you learn about the work and challenges involved with winemaking and aging. This is an exclusive visit: it varies with the seasons, schedule and work of the winemaker. 


A barrel or amphora tasting is included.
You also taste four wines, including
Château Fleur de Lisse and Fontfleurie, our Saint-Emilion Grands Crus. A gourmet platter is served with this tasting.

Duration: 2h00

Price: 50 € per person






Ruby red hue, black fruit aromas, melted tannins? Whether you're an experienced wine lover or a curious newcomer, let us guide the awakening of your senses! After a tour of Château Fleur de Lisse's chais, this workshop will introduce you to the specific vocabulary and essential steps of wine tasting. White and red wines are then tasted through an interactive process. Another approach to the basics of tasting!


The workshop includes a visit of the winery,

the entertaining discovery of aromas and flavors and the tasting of 3 wines.

By reservation only.

Duration: 1h30

Price: 25 € per person






Want to get to the essence of our wines? Sit down at our tasting counter and take part in a commented presentation of our organic and biodynamic vineyards. Your host will use interactive maps for you to discover the main aspects of our terroirs. While discussing the topics, taste two wines that are emblematic of our know-how in Saint-Emilion and Bordeaux.  With or without reservation, during boutique’s opening hours.

This includes a commented tasting of 2 wines from our estates Château La Loubière and Château Fleur de Lisse.


Duration: 30-45 mn

Price: 10 € per person






The tour begins in the vineyard, where you get a 360° view of the winery. Discover the natural cycle of the vine, organic and biodynamic vineyard practices in the company of our Fleur de Lisse ambassador. Then visit the cellar to find out the winemaking and aging processes that transform grapes into wine. Finish with an expert-led tasting of four of our vintages. This special, sensory introduction to our wine makes for a truly enjoyable experience.

Tasting of 3 wines, including Saint-Emilion Grand Cru. Food and Wine pairing: a selection of mature cheeses are served with this tasting.


Duration : 1h15

Price : 18 € per person






Come and discover the close relationship between great wine and chocolate during a workshop that will give your palate a real treat! What to expect? We’ll explore the stages of transformation of grapes into wine and cocoa beans into chocolate, the concept of terroir and blend common to both, the precise vocabulary of tasting and, finally, the subtle alliance of flavors. Whether you are simply curious or an experienced chocolate lover, come and share our passion.

The workshop includes a visit of Château Fleur de Lisse, the tasting of several pure origin chocolates, 3 creations of Maëlig, artisan chocolate maker in Saint-Emilion, and 3 wines from Vignobles Jade.

Duration: 1h30

Price: 30 € per person






The best cuisine is the one to be shared! Take part in a friendly class gathering seasonal products and essential chef's techniques to cook a bistronomic meal together with passionate gourmets! Our olive oil and great wines are featured in recipes that you can reproduce at home. The culinary experience with the chef is followed by lunch. You get to enjoy your morning’s work and learn about food and wine pairings. Enjoy! 


The class includes the preparation of 2 to 3 dishes in small groups of 4 to 8 people under the guidance of a chef. It is followed by lunch (water, coffee and wine included).  Tour of the winery included in the program.

By reservation only.

Duration: 3h30

Price: 160 € per person





Live the adventure of the grape, from the vine to the glass... That's what this brand new tour offers! Designed for young and old alike, it allows visitors to discover the vine through puzzles and anecdotes, research and stories, to get to know the land through a sensory workshop and to experience the great adventure of turning grapes into wine. The visit ends with a tasting: juice for the children and wine for the parents! Fun and intergenerational, it will not leave anyone indifferent.


Family visit around the senses with a tasting of
2 wines for the adults and fruit juice for the children.

Duration: 1h30

Price: 14 € per person

8 € per child form 6 y.o.



The Vignobles Jade team welcomes you throughout the year to introduce you to its unique winery and share its passion with you. Planning a visit for a group? We can accommodate up to 40 people at Château Fleur de Lisse. For your business meetings, we offer two atmospheres for your gatherings: up to 14 people in the intimate and luxurious setting of Château Fleur de Lisse or in the new, modern, and fully equipped rooms at Château L’Etampe for events with 15 to 49 people.


Isabelle Auzely

Wine tourism director

Our guided tours are conducted in strict compliance with the current COVID-19 sanitary protocol. Children under 10 visit for free (and receive a fruit juice at the tasting).​

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