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“My family has been farming our vineyards with passion and respect for both man and nature for six generations. We strive to reveal it and pass it on to future generations. Today, I have been handed the baton, I am this link. Driven by this same desire for innovation and tradition. ”
Caroline Teycheney.

Evelyne, Patrick and Caroline Teycheney.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

In 2015, Patrick Teycheney leaves the operational management of the Colisée Group to return to his first love: Bordeaux wine. His daughter decides to join him. She resigns her position in the luxury-goods industry the same year. The family purchases two Saint-Emilion Grand Cru estates: Château Fleur de Lisse and Château L’Etampe. They add to the family’s historic estate, Château La Loubière in Montussan.

In 2018, Jade Vineyards expand. They purchase an organic Saint-Emilion Grand Cru estate. Fonfleurie is born from these plots. Jade Vineyards’ 67 acres now allow them to farm a Saint-Emilion Grand Cru biodynamically. The Teycheney Family is converting all their vineyards to organic farming and HVE and SME environmental standards. The vineyard is also expanding through innovation and a complete winery modernization courtesy of Bordeaux architect Thomas Chlebowsky of the Goldfinger Agency.


On 26/11/2021, inauguration of Château Fleur de Lisse, under the high patronage and in the presence of Edouard Philippe, former Prime Minister and Alain Rousset, President of the Regional Council of New Aquitaine. The event brought together more than 400 people to celebrate the official opening of this Winery, a key element of the project developed by the Teycheney family in Saint-Emilion.

ChateauFleurdeLisse_Inauguration ©A.Lanta.jpg

The Teycheney Family together in Montussan at their historic estate. From left to right: Patrick, Caroline, Evelyne, André, Jade and Micheline. André Teycheney will carry out his last tractor harvest, at the age of 82. His son, Patrick, will take over from him in 2015.

Années 2010
1970s - 1980s

Micheline Roux and André Teycheney take on the running of the family estate in 1980. They develop it. Family and grape harvesters gather together at Montussan for the annual end of harvest photo.


The Sudouest newspaper passes through Montussan and captures the harvesters at Château La Loubière for posterity.


La Loubière is an evocative name. It’s “Loubere” in the langue d’oc dialect and means “territory of the wolves”. Château La Loubère is located at the edge of a forest where wolves used to live in packs. It takes its name from the locality where it was founded. The wolf is now the emblem on our Bordeaux wine labels.


Albert Roux marries Madeleine Bouchin. With her, he develops the wine business. A fighter, businessman and visionary, Albert organizes the winery, opts for a cement tank and choses natural fertilizer – such as the cow dung that we use today with our biodynamic practices. He develops sales with the Bordeaux wine market… And creates the La Loubière name.


Pierre Roux signs the first deed for a few acres of vines in Montussan. In 1895, his son Aristide, marries Marie Confonlans, owner of two plots and a house. Widowed very young, Marie expertly manages the wine estate until their son, Albert, reaches adulthood.

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