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Cooking with chef Stéphanie Bottreau

In 2009, she decided to change her life to devote herself to her passion, cooking, and obtained the professional title of restaurant cook. She perfected her training with great chefs such as Christophe Girardot, star chef at La Guérinière in Gujan Mestras, and Eric Bruyelle, chef at The Market in Andernos. Stéphanie now works as a home cook. Her mantra? To create simple dishes that enhance the product.

How did you discover your passion for cooking?

My passion for cooking was born from watching the women in my mother's family cook. It then grew out of my curiosity and the desire to share good food with those around me.

What is your background?

After a DEUG in Law, I passed a BTS Commercial and then a Professional Licence in Applied Marketing of Wines and Spirits. My job as a home cook is a reconversion, I passed a professional title of cook in restaurant (equivalent CAP).

Are you more of an animal or plant person?

I am flexible and go where my desires take me.

Who are your role models as a chef?

First of all, my two mentors in the kitchen: Eric Bruyelle and Christophe Girardot. Then the world of chef Anne-Sophie Pic and finally chef Eric Guérin.

Your favourite word in the kitchen?

"YES Cheffe!" Just kidding... My favourite word would be "balance", in terms of the balance of flavours.

Teaching cooking is...

Passing on, sharing my cooking. Taking the time to cook with my students. Showing them what we can do with simple, seasonal products that taste good. Without getting too complicated. It's laughing... a lot of the time!

Your favourite "cooking trick"?

Cooking meat and fish without a headache. CAD? I particularly like poaching a chicken in a broth before roasting it, or baking fish fillets at the last minute.

Your favourite spice at the moment?

Zaatar! It means thyme in Arabic, but it is a mixture of spices. It is a mixture of spices and

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